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Courses Offered

UG Programmes

S.No Programme/Course Combination Program Type Intake Medium
1 Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) Mathematicss-Physics-Computer Science(MPCS) Unaided 150 English
2 Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science(MSCS) Unaided 150 English
3 Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) Mathematics-Electronics-Computer Science(MECS) Unaided 150 English
4 Bachelor of Science(B.Sc) BioTechnology-MicroBiology-Chemistry(BMC) Unaided 100 English
5 Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) Computer Application(CA) Unaided 180 English
6 Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) - Unaided 60 English








PG Programmes

S.No Programme/Course Specialization Program Type Intake Medium
1 Master of Science(M.Sc) Mathematics Unaided 40 English
2 Master of Commerce(M.Com) Professional Unaided 40 English
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